To stay ahead in challenging times, it is not enough to be smart (a high IQ) and to be emotionally intelligent (a high EQ). To sustain this high level of performance over time, you depend heavily on a much more fundamental capacity, your Wellbeing Quotient, your ‘WQ’.

The Power of WQ

People with a high WQ simply feel and perform better. They are strong; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and they achieve a higher quality of life. They are more in control and can absorb more, allowing them to sustain higher levels of performance and bounce back more gracefully when confronted with the inevitable setbacks that come with their jobs, or in their private lives.

All of this carries forward, creating an upward spiral for the people around them. Their clients, colleagues, family and friends all benefit.

There are many ways through which you can enhance your wellbeing. The biggest changes come from taking a few small steps that improve the behavior you have performed since the day you were born, and that you’ll perform for the rest of your life.

The Big Four: Eat, Move, Sleep, Relax.

Improving the way that you Eat, Move, Sleep and Relax has a major impact on how you think, feel and interact with others; your mood, focus, creativity and mindset, they all benefit – instantly. Over time, the tiny and sometimes seemingly insignificant changes in your behavior will lead to functional and structural changes in both your body and your brain, and it is the awesome power of these changes that enhance your wellbeing, and enable you to unleash your full potential.

Strategies that Have Stood the Test of Time

Through his organization Lifeguard, Folef Bredt has for almost twenty years trained and coached people to perform better, by enhancing their personal energy and wellbeing (WQ).

Over time, learning from his experiences with his clients, and working closely with scientists in the field of human performance, ranging from neuroscience to psychology and behavioral science, he has come to learn which strategies are most effective when it comes to implementing the behavioral changes that fuel sustainable high performance and enhance wellbeing.

With his team he has developed a science-based approach that has helped more than 100 organizations implement a culture of continuous learning, growth and wellbeing, reaching more than half a million people, resulting in millions of lasting behavioral changes.

In his new book Folef Bredt shares some of the most fundamental strategies that have survived the test of time, and offers practical tools that help you to implement them successfully.