WQ Program

WQ offers a holistic approach that empowers people to enhance their wellbeing, by improving the way they Eat, Move, Sleep and Relax.

WQ Journey – official launch, March 2017

In 2017, challenged by ING, one of Lifeguard’s most innovative clients, Folef Bredt decided to fully focus on developing and delivering a true ‘next level’ wellbeing program. This program would come to be known as the Wellbeing Quotient – ‘WQ’.

This comprehensive, award-winning program, includes team coaching and individual coaching, as well as a series of blended learning experiences, the use of wearable technologies, and outdoor activities, all of which together offer participants a unique experience; a high impact journey in which they experiment with new behaviors that over time result in lasting change.

WQ Journey – Year one: Eat, Move, Sleep & Relax.

Since 2017 WQ has been adopted in 32 countries by more than 15.000 employees ranging from new hires to senior leaders, and we are tremendously proud of the impact that WQ has on the culture and collective wellbeing within ING.

Celebrating WQ’s 3rd anniversary with Team Wellbeing, ‘Team 765’ and the founders of WQ. March 10th 2020.

WQ Connect

In 2020 the WQ Connect program was created to help individuals and their teams maintain and strengthen their wellbeing during these unusual times. The high impct program shows people how to turn adversity into opportunity; how to become healthier and stronger in body and in mind, how to sharpen one’s focus and reconnect with friends and colleagues.

WQ Connect is intended to inspire and kick-start sustainable behavioural changes that promote collaboration and collective wellbeing. Visit wqconnect.com to find out how.

Praise for WQ

‘The WQ program offers you something you can’t buy, you can’t borrow, you can’t inherit, you can’t fake and you can’t hold on to without constant work…and yet is accessible to everyone in one of the most rewarding journey!’ Nabil Bouanani

‘It makes you unconsciously conscious how to live an energetic and healthy life! The mental and physical elements are constantly triggered in the form of teach-ins or unique outdoor master classes.’ David Brouwenstijn

‘Change ultimately has to come from within, but what is different about Folef’s WQ program is not only does he open the door to a more fulfilling life, but he takes your hand and guides you every step of this transformational journey. No more excuses, stop talking and start doing.’ Andy Jones

‘It’s not only about the way you look, it’s about the way you lead. I believe Wellbeing and Craftsmanship are the key points to focus on. I have had my cycles as well but WQ provided me a footprint for long term engagement. Does it give me certainty? No. Like most things in life, it’s a slow process. But quitting won’t speed it up.’ Remy Treffers

‘We have all heard the old adage that a sound body leads to a sound mind, but at ING we put that concept to work and it pays remarkable dividends.’ Mike Dwyer

‘WQ is a life changing program! – with easy and clear guidance it leads you towards a higher level of personal wellbeing!’ Hakan Berberoglu

Find out more about the WQ program

To learn more about the WQ program and how it can be tailored to your organization, or to have a general conversation about how we can help you energize your people and enhance wellbeing across your organization, contact support@wellbeingating.com .