WQ Book

WQ, Unleash Your Full Potential offers new insights and practical tips for making small but powerful long-lasting changes in your daily routine.

The strategies in this book are supported by references to behavioral and neuroscience, and they have been tried & tested over and over again. When implemented, they are guaranteed to enhance your WQ!

Eat, Move, Sleep, Relax

Each chapter is divided into two parts. The first part deals in detail with how your wellbeing and performance are affected by your daily behavior, and motivates you to improve your daily routines. The second part provides a list of practical tips and strategies that make it easier to follow through with behavioral change and achieve a healthier work-life harmony.

The vast majority of people have plenty of room for improvement when it comes to ‘The Big Four’. While most understand, at least to a certain extent, how their behavior affects their wellbeing and performance at work, they find it hard to make lasting changes. Practically everybody has tried to make improvements at some point in their life, some have made sustainable progress, but most have fallen back into some, or all, of their old routines.

Crossing the Gap

Most people can use some help in implementing change; the final part of the book, ‘Crossing the Gap’, offers you that help. It provides key insights from both neuro- and behavioral science, that will help you better understand how to make your behavioral changes stick. How you can keep your motivation at a high level, how you can make change easier, how you can nudge yourself into performing the behaviors that enhance your wellbeing and how you can translate your new behaviors into strong habits.

Folef bredt – top 5 strategies for succesful change

Crossing the Gap includes ten proven strategies for successful change. Applying any of them is guaranteed to work, and every time you successfully implement a behavioral change, it will build your confidence, making it easier to implement new behaviors in all spheres of your life. That is the power of mastering change!

Praise for WQ

‘The good thing about the WQ approach is the fact that it provides a cafeteria plan of solutions, tweaks and suggestions from which each individual can make a best fitting selection … For me this results in a sustainable improvement and avoids chasing unreachable goals.’ Philip Wietendaele

‘Great insights and very useful tools to improve your energy levels, which enhances the quality of your everyday life, professionally as well as personally.’ Emmeline Hessels

‘Change ultimately has to come from within, but what is different about Folef’s WQ program is not only does he open the door to a more fulfilling life, but he takes your hand and guides you every step of this transformational journey. No more excuses, stop talking and start doing.’ Andy Jones

Folef’s new book delivers what we all desperately need. However surprisingly often running our private and business life on an autopilot, we neglect it.‘ Arek Szperna

WQ goes far beyond wellbeing in the sense of becoming fitter physically. It’s about finding a better work-life-relax balance to achieve more by stretching myself out of my comfort zone and step forward into personal & professional growth.’ Denise Rouwendaal

‘I very much liked the information block on sleep. I pay a lot more attention to having sufficient and regular sleep now, which has had a clear positive impact.’ Lody Prijs

‘I really recommend the book to everyone who wants to improve their wellbeing in a realistic and sustainable way! It’s very easy to read and clear to follow the logic and reasoning.’ Victoria Capard-Chorny

About the Autor

Folef Bredt is Co-founder of, and Innovation Director at Lifeguard. Their mission is to keep companies and their employees productive, happy & healthy.

Folef is the architect of the WQ program and in 2018 he wrote the book ‘WQ – Enhance your wellbeing’. After presenting the book to ING’s CEO Ralph Hamers he went on to create the second edition titled ‘WQ – Unleash your full potential’ in 2019. This version features Ralp in the intorduction and includes the latest scientific findings that link ‘The Big Four‘ of WQ to performance and wellbeing.

Folef Bredt (left) with Ralph Hamers (right) at the WQ book launch, Amsterdam Dec 2018.

With Lifeguard, Folef has gained extensive experience in coaching and training thousands people at over a hundred companies. He has helped many organizations to create a culture that supports their employees in developing physical, mental and emotional strength, whereby significantly improving their performance and enhancing their Wellbeing.

Folef has a background in stress-management and is specialized in corporate Wellbeing. He lives with his partner and three children in Maarssen, The Netherlands.

Pay it Forward

By ordering WQ – Unleash Your Full Potential you are not only accessing a powerful change tool for yourself, but you’re also making one available for someone else.

All revenues of the WQ book are donated to the ‘WQ for Kids‘ foundation, which translates the insights of WQ into educational materials for schools and supports education of children, aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle that builds resilience and enhances wellbeing.