Personal Vitality – nudges masterclass

Preparation – Nudge 1

Setting boundaries – Nudge 2

Setting boundaries means marking the limit or space between where you begin, and the other person ends. It allows you to focus on your core skills, values, and priorities in a way which serves you, your team, and your organisation. It allows you to spend time on what matters to you.

This brief article (PDF)  looks at the different aspects of boundary setting – what it is, why it is necessary yet challenging, and how it can be done effectively.

You are invited to try out your boundary-setting skills within 24 hours of reading this paper. What did you find out about yourself and/or others by doing so?

We sincerely hope this article will help you reflect on and further set your boundaries for better focus, vitality and performance, both personal and collective.

Zooming – Nudge 3

Zooming is a metaphor for a leader’s ability to assess different scenarios from different perspectives.

This brief article (PDF) examines the concept of zooming-in and zooming-out as a leadership tool – what it means, where the challenge lies and what happens when becoming fixated on one mode of viewing.

You are invited to reflect on your own ability to look at situations from different perspectives. And a concise Call to Action invites you to test your ability with a real-life situation.

We sincerely hope this piece will help you reflect on and possibly further develop the valuable leadership skill that zooming-in/out is.