Celebrating 4 years WQ

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of WQ and to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to help people enhance their wellbeing, we are happy and proud to present to you four powerful audio books.

These audio books offer inspiration, guidance and practical tools to improve your physical, mental, emotioal and spiritual wellbeing, by modifying the habits you have formed over your lifetime and that you will continue to perform for the rest of your life.

To download the audio books, simply click on the images below;


Pay it Forward

We encourage you to share the audiobooks with friends, family, collegues and clients.

From May 1st onwards the WQ audio books will be available through Bol.com, where you can also access the book WQ – Unleash Your Full Potential.

By ordering the WQ audio books or WQ – Unleash Your Full Potential, you are not only accessing a powerful change tool for yourself, but you are also making one available for someone else.

All revenues of the WQ books are donated to the WQ for Kids Foundation, which translates the insights of WQ into educational materials for schools and supports the education of children, aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle that builds resilience and enhances wellbeing.

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