The Journey

March 9th 2017 – Program launch

March 2017 – Program launch within ING Financial Market Sales (FMS) objectiwith full FMS management commitment and backing 300 participants. Program reflects core FMS objective: enhanced performance on the key global sales initiatives through supporting energy and drive.

Internal launch video

April 2017 – Press launch

Official launch video
International recognition for the WQ program: media coverage from the US to Hing Kong

April – June 2017 – Full day training sessions rolled out globally

First training sessions start and free Activity Tracker and Health app given to every participant. Following enthusiastic feedback from initial participants and  continued management support, additional teams (800 employees) signed up

Initial role out locations for FMS and TS

Launch WQ website and portal

As a follow-up to the team sessions the WQ website is launched. Participants can track their Health & Wellbeing and recieve tailored digital nudges. Additionally they are able to start personal online coaching with an Energy coach.

WQ – digital Nudge – Eat

Vardit Cohn – Lifeguard Nutritionist and Executive coach

WQ – Digital Nudge – Relax

Harro Yestra – Lifeguard Energy coach

Blended experience

Together the digital nudges, portal, online coaching and classroom team sessions create a comprehensive high impact learning experience.

Posters, banners and action cards – examples of physical nudges.

May 2017 and onwards – WQ Events

Starting May 2017 sports events are branded with WQ, transforming WQ into a movement that engages employees globally.

First WQ events in New York and London

Collective Results

WQ survey data, fitness tracker data and qualitative feedback (interviews 12 mnd after program) show increase in WQ score and > 85% sustained behaviour change.

Data from first teams; collected through Dacadoo, Lidfeguard portal and in team sesssions.

Apart from quantitative data, first testimonials are starting to come in and visual proof of changes that employees are making to their environment that enhance wellbeing.

Shanghi – Dealing room

March 2018 – Launch of ‘WQ – The Next Level’: wellbeing on the physical, emotional and mental level

1,500 participants start the sequel, 3 x half day program under the slogan ‘Connect, Speed Up and Slow Down’. Behaviour change tracking shows positive, sustainable behaviour change with >90% of WQ participants so far.

Guido van Ingen – Launch WQ The Next Level

April 2018 – start new sesries of nudges – Resilience

Folef Bredt, Cofounder Lifeguard, Amsterdam

April – November 2018 – Team sessions

Team sessions – Singapore, Hong Kong, London, New York, Amsterdam

June 2018 – Wim Hof training

First Ice bath challenge – Amsterdam

September 2018 – Creating a differentiating client experience: London City Swim

The Wellbeing theme is used for the very first time to create a unique client experience for both ING Teams and their clients

London City Swim

September 2018 Nudge – Slow Down

Martin Pet – WQ facilitation lead, Performance coach

WQ – Nudge – Music – Beorn Nijenhuis – Nov 2018

Introducing new Relax – topics such as Music, Nature and ‘Niksen’

Beorn Neijenhuis – Former speed skater and Neuroscientist

WQ – Experiences participants 2018

From 2018 onwards more and more participants are starting to share their experiences within the ING community.

December 2018 – Launch of the WQ Book under the auspices of Ralph Hamers, ING CEO

A physical representation of the program to be shared with employees and clients alike. A tangible reminder for positive change.

Folef Bredt and Ralph Hamers at WQ Book launch december 2018 – Amsterdam

2019 – WQ Program rolled out globally within ING; ING Leadership Program adopts WQ themes

An additional 7,500 employees (>500 teams) in 22 countries join WQ. Work starts on WQ themes within the ING Think Forward Leadership Program.

November 2019 – Euro-Finance: the Wellbeing theme is at the center of ING client experience

The Wellbeing theme is brought to the fore via a unique, intense and memorable client experience: an Escape Room.

Folef Bredt, Cofounder Lifeguard, Copenhagen

November 2019 WQ Quiz

Launch of the WQ team quiz; a powerfull embedding tool that motivates to reprioritzie WQ behaviours.

Folef Bredt, Cofounder Lifeguard, New York

10th March 2020 – 3rd anniversary of the WQ program

With over 12,000 participants from 768 teams globally, WQ has become a household name within ING.

Just before Covid hit – March 2020: Celebrating 3 years WQ and more than 12.000 participants (almost 800 teams)

April-May 2020 – ING offers enhanced individual support due to Covid-19

Online, individual and management coaching service is offered and promoted to all employees. The message is clear: “help is available” Inspirational, 5-step webinar sessions are offered to empower people for self care given the changed circumstances.

June 2020 – First ‘Orange Live’ Wholesale Banking client event

The first global, digital event of its kind for ING, instigated by the pandemic. Alongside financial topics, clients are offered support on two wellbeing themes: Physical energy and Mindset management.

Folef Bredt, Cofounder Lifeguard, Amsterdam

End 2020 – The “WQ Connect” team program in born

In response to the continued reality of working from home, ING requests a high impact, new program to support wellbeing and team cohesion and connection while working from home

Beginning 2021 – Rolling out the new team program: “WQ Connect”

The program presents 3 themes relevant to the new reality: Focus, Connection and Resilience. The first 50 teams within Wholesale Banking sign up for the program.

Emmeline Hessels – WQ Ambassador

March 2021 – launch Focus nudges

Stefan van de Stigchel, Professor in Cognitive Psychology

May 2021 – launch Connect nudges

Professor Daniel Shapiro, founder and director of Harvard International Negotiation Program

May 2021 – launch Renew nudges

Martin Pet – WQ facilitation lead, Performance coach

March 2021 onwards – Wellbeing goes (even more) global

The spotlight is kept on Wellbeing globally. Employees are regularly encouraged to reflect on their wellbeing, and are directed via links to tried and tested Wellbeing tools – trainings, webinars and coaching (individual and management)

Folef Bredt, Cofounder Lifeguard, Maarssen

Summer 2021 – The measurements show: wellbeing results continue in changing times

Employees are encouraged and motivated to take care of their wellbeing and energy and are offered tools to do so. The WQ-I measurements show that wellbeing is a driver of organizational health and performance

September 2021 – Creating tailored solutions for teams in need

Teams scoring low on WQ Insight measurements can now request tailor-made support based on the various elements of the program

May 2022 – Launch WQ Hybrid & embedding WQ principles into growth strategy

WQ launches a felxible team program that can be roled out online and/or in the office depending on the possibilities and the preference of a team. The program combines personal energy managament with team energy and is a follow-up to ‘WQ Insights’ that will be roled out for the third time.