WQ Connect

Working from home full-time presents its own challenges: social isolation, low energy, cognitive overload and increased insecurity, to name but a few. To empower people to enhance their wellbeing while working from home we have created WQ Connect.

The Journey

WQ Connect includes a series of events that bring people together, to reflect and interact meaningfully on the program themes. The interactions are intended to inspire and kickstart sustainable behaviour changes that promote collaboration and collective well-being.

The journey includes three interactive team sessions; three peer-to-peer coaching sessions; 20 digital bonuses and 1-2 personal coaching sessions, depending on personal needs.

Team sessions

The virtual learning environment will provide a live platform for interaction, team activities, discussions, self-reflections and peer support. Using breakout rooms, polls, peer-to-peer and facilitated group discussions, our expert facilitator will ensure a safe environment for you to share and discuss your ideas and challenges and identify your next steps, personally and as a team.

Peer to peer sessions

It’s one thing to learn from an expert, trainer or facilitator; it’s quite another to learn from – and support – a colleague. Successful collaborative learning with and between team members has the potential to bring out the unique strengths of each individual while supporting teamwork, cooperation and combined effort and resources. Working one-on-one with a team mate is a unique opportunity both to learn from and to support each other by sharing thoughts, concerns, ideas, issues and practical tips.

You will be instructed (via short videos) how to conduct these sessions so that both sides can get the most out of the experience.

Personal coaching

As part of the program you are offered 1-2 optional sessions of individual coaching. The sessions are not a must, but research shows that personal coaching positively impacts people’s lives and careers by helping to:

  • Establish and take action towards achieving goals;
  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments;
  • Work and communicate more easily and productively with others, and
  • Gain more job and life satisfaction.

The personal coaching option allows you to translate the program into daily life, and assess both your goals and your progress with an objective, outside expert.

Tips & tools

Learning and growth occur in different ways. The live sessions, peer-to-peer and personal coaching offer an opportunity to interact with and learn from others. In addition, you will be able to dive deeper – that’s what the Tips & tools are for. They are micro-learning opportunities of different types, designed to intrigue, inspire and inform. This section will include:

  • a call for self-experimentation (putting theory to practice);
  • short clips or podcasts sharing the latest relevant findings in (neuro)science;
  • self-reflection exercises, or self-assessment on the parameters discussed in the live sessions.

While the use of the Tips & Tools is at your discretion, we do recommend blocking 15 minutes per week to dive into further insights, activities and practical tools relevant to your own challenges, both at work and at home.

Make it happen

Between knowing and doing lies the ‘real life gap’. This is why the program was designed to maximize interaction and practical skills. You will focus, connect and renew with your team members, helping each other to implement new skills, while receiving extra personal support from a qualified coach.

In short, all the ingredients have been put in place for you to improve your energy, feel-good factor and resilience, especially while working fulltime from home.

“Learn empowering daily habits that enhance your wellbeing, strengthen your relationships and energize your performance, even under demanding circumstances.”