Being able to focus on what truly matters – and keep this focus sharp – is the key to both wellbeing and productivity. Information overload, ample distractors and continuous change make full focus a challenging goal for many, especially when working from home.

Block 1: Focus

In the “Focus” leg of the journey you will:

  • assess your current ability to focus effectively (especially considering the working-from-home environment);
  • understand what you’re set to gain by being able to focus more effectively, and
  • get a taste for the neuroscience behind effective focus.

With the understanding and awareness in place, the goal will quickly shift to:

  • exploring and practicing strategies for strengthening your focus muscle, and
  • emphasizing simple, doable and proven techniques which can be applied anytime and anywhere.

At the end of the ‘Focus’ block, you will be:

  • more aware of your focus level(s);
  • better equipped to create the conditions for optimal focus;
  • more capable at recognising and dealing with both internal and external distractions, and
  • better able to sustain effective focus for longer periods of time.

It’s more than just learning

With peer-to-peer sessions and personal coaching specifically tailored to your needs, you’ll be given that bit of extra help to make positive change happen.