Eat Mindfully

When people think about eating healthy, they tend to focus on what they are eating. This makes sense, but there is something else that counts, and that is your ‘eating experience’.

When eating is purely functional, it loses its charm. Just imagine what a Michelin star-meal would taste like, if you would eat it alone in your basement. So, whenever you can, choose a worthwhile eating experience over mere functional eating.

Appreciate the taste of your food, the company of the people that you are with, or – when you are eating alone – the atmosphere of a restaurant or the park bench, rather than aiming to simply consume calories. And, when at home, eat your meals at the dining table, rather than in front of the TV. Take some time to just eat, and stop doing other tasks. When you are more aware of the food you eat and how it tastes, you will enjoy your food much more!