Eating for Wellbeing

Eating a healthy diet may seem extremely challenging at times. Finding out what the perfect diet consists of is not easy and in my opinion, perfection is not something you should generally aim for.

As with many things in life, ‘perfect’ is often the enemy of ‘good’. That’s why, when it comes to eating healthy, it is much better to aim for a few simple strategies that are guaranteed to promote your energy and Wellbeing, than to realize you are not eating perfectly and as a consequence give up.

For most people, this comes down to eating more ‘real food’, in particular vegetables, eating a healthier (more balanced) mix of macronutrients and drinking more water.

If you are among the rare species who already has these key strategies in place, then you can always take your eating habits to a next level. Great places to find more information on ‘eating for optimal health & performance’ are,, and