To have more energy, reflect on how you renew

We live in a society that favours and rewards continuous action. Top performance, high achievement and noteworthy success are always associated with hard work, concentrated effort and a non-stop drive. The go-go-go attitude is so prevalent, that stopping to recharge, reflect and renew can sometimes be regarded as sinful action, meriting an apology. We often lack the strength, or discipline, to balance the to-do drive with a simple to-be drive. We forget all too easily that we are human beings, not human doings.

A mindful (conscious) recharge of our batteries is an absolute necessity in a world that places increasing demands on us. Even before COVID-19 hit we were already struggling to achieve a work-life balance: 24/7 virtual connections, emails piling up in the Inbox and a relentless cognitive load, all struggled to exist side by side with finding time for sports, the family or a relaxed cup of coffee with a good friend. A year on, and what we thought was challenging to achieve, has in many ways only become harder. Therefore, renewal and recharge are more important than ever.

Get set & reflect

Since we are complex beings, renewal and recharge can happen on many levels. In the coming days we encourage you to take a few moments to consider how much you truly invest in your own maintenance.

Discover the next steps

Next week we will kick-off with the team session. Together we will reflect on how we can have better connections and develop personalised action plans to make it happen. In the following weeks you will receive weekly tips & tools to help you experiment with new behaviours, and further down the line you will coach and be coached by a colleague during the peer-to-peer session.

Get a personal coach

To help you get the most out of the program, we have personal coaches available for you. Our wellbeing coaches have extensive experience in energy and work-life coaching. Toppics that they can help you with include;

  • Personal energy management
  • Work-life balance
  • Stress management
  • Life phase themes
  • Lifestyle: exercise, nutrition, sleep
  • Resilience and mindset management

To sign up for personal coaching contact Lifeguard today.